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I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It’s easy. Just click “Edit Text” or double click me and you can start adding your own content and make changes to the font. Feel free to drag and drop me anywhere you like on your page. I’m a great place for you to tell a story and let your users know a little more about you.

This is a great space to write long text about your company and your services. You can use this space to go into a little more detail about your company. Talk about your team and what services you provide. Tell your visitors the story of how you came up with the idea for your business and what makes you different from your competitors. Make your company stand out and show your visitors who you are.

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   The Archangel Gabriel pointed to the unsealing of hidden prophecies in the Bible, which would signal the end of days when he told the prophet Daniel that in the last days, many will run to & fro and knowledge shall be increased, as we are now witnessing in the Information Age & it's endless availability of online data.


  Gabriel was obviously referring to what we now know as the Bible or Torah Codes, Shroud Codes, as well as the modern forms of communications to spread knowledge via the Internet, satellites, radio, cable TV, Smart Phones, Ipads, computers, Ipods, Tablets, MP3 players & Android devices.


  One hundred years ago, humanity could not envision what our current forms of  transportation would be like. Indeed, many are now running to & fro, as Gabriel predicted. There are many omens all around us, pointing to the fact we're on a collision course with destiny.


Could the four hijacked jets of September 11th 2001, be an ominous representation of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, with an escalating rise of wars, diseases, natural disasters, hunger, crime & apostasy?


A Warning To The Human Race

  We are about to witness the literal fulfillment of the most horrendous prophecies ever recorded in the Bible but most are unaware of this, remaining ignorant of the dangers ahead.


Some say prophecy is too difficult to comprehend. But if Bible prophecies were never meant to be understood, then to what end did God reveal them?

  The Archangel Gabriel foretold the  prophecies would be sealed in a book (the Bible) until the end of days. Then the seals would be broken or decoded from scriptures, signaling a sequential chain of God's judgements against mankind.



  Daniel 7:21 & 11:32-35 prophesied that the Antichrist will murder scores of  believers & servants of God during the horrifying period at the time of the end.


  This period is called the Great Tribulation in the Book of Revelation. Recent events in the world provide strong indications the countdown has started.

Revelation 6:11, 12:17, 13:7, 13:15 & 20:4

  ...depict the Antichrist's persecution of Christians before the rapture occurs.

The fact that Christians will still be on Earth during some point in the Great Tribulation was also soberly alluded to in Matthew 24: 9-10 & 24: 22.


  This is the stark reality about these prophecies. Carefully read & consider the scriptures we point to. They are as plain as day, having not been white washed nor sugar coated to sound pleasing. It is not  convenient to think the depths of our faith will be tried by persecution.



  Many well known Bible prophecy authors claim that the next prophecy to be fulfilled will be the rapture of the church when Christ snatches His believers up to Heaven.


  But by believing in an incorrect  sequence of events, many Christians will not be prepared for what lies ahead because most Christian leaders in the west have their heads buried in the sand.


  How will they survive persecution by the Antichrist during the tribulation before Christ returns? Should we believe our faith will never be tested? Don't forget that many Christians, past & present, were murdered for following Jesus.


  The prosperity preachers utter false words God did not command them to speak, like the false prophets of Baal whom Elijah faced. Jesus Christ warned us that a camel would sooner walk through the eye of a needle before the wealthy could ever enter into Heaven & yet many famous televangelists live the high life.     



  Many Christians who bought into the Left Behind myth want it both ways. On the one hand, they believe a rapture will occur before the Antichrist arrives. They cling to the idea of being saved from a time of calamity by believing a myth.


  And yet on the other hand, these same Christians believe that their sudden disappearance will somehow trigger an instant faith in Christ by nonbelievers & those who lost their faith. Tens of thousands of Christians in Syria, Iraq, Africa & other nations are now being brutally slaughtered by ISIS & other Satanic Muslim terror groups for refusing to denounce their faith in Christ. Are we in the west so confident to assume our faith will not be tested in some dire way?    

  Shocked Christians in the west will sooner or later realize their faith in Christ will indeed be tested, while others will still refuse to face reality. The strange disappearance of true believers in Christ will occur only after a bloodbath against  Christians is in full swing. It will happen in incremental stages, worsening as time goes by, according to the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation.     


  The Left Behind proponents say the categories of people who remain on Earth after the so-called rapture will actually be a combination of backslidden Christians, new believers & unsaved sinners.


  The Left Behind authors promote the pre-Trib rapture theory because it sounds like the perfect escape hatch without our faith truly being tested. J.R. Watts says Christians should prepare for the persecution, resistance, survival &  sacrifice of our lives that Revelation foretold. Begin prepping ASAP!


  Pre-Trib Rapture teachers base their beliefs on 1st Thessalonians 4:15-17. But if you also examine 2nd Thessalonians 2:3, it warns of a falling away of many believers whom false teachers will deceive, effectively blinding them to the perils ahead, tragically catching them unaware.



 The Lord Jesus Christ warned us in Matthew 24 that no man would know the hour or day of His 2nd Coming & that a curse would befall those who twisted the prophecies of Revelation out of context. 



   Do these cryptic passages refer to  hybrid forms of locusts, mixed with scorpion & lion DNA, that will be created in secret laboratories, run by scientists, bent on producing sinister forms of new biological weapons?    



  Does Rev. 9:4 suggest believers in Christ would be wise to wear green colored clothing because these hybrid creatures will not harm ANY GREEN THING? Will those who have the seal of God in their foreheads also wear green garments to better protect themselves against attack from these locusts? Could a color provide safety? Moses told the Jews to wipe lamb's blood on their doorposts on the night of Passover to save their firstborn.



  Warns that many people will fall under a strong  delusion, pushing them so far away from the truth of Christ's gospel, that God warns that this unrighteous deception will cause those who fall under it's sway to perish and be damned.


  Prosperity preachers will make them think the Mark they will be confronted with will not be the same Mark that John wrote of in Revelation but it will be.


  In Revelation 13, the Mark/666 is being enforced. Yet, in Revelation 16:15, Christ warns his true believers He comes as a thief at that stage of the tribulation. 


   Jesus warns these believers to keep their garments of faith on. Otherwise,  they would be left spiritually naked & unprepared for what is coming upon the Earth in this terrible time of testing.


  The implication was to avoid believing in heresy, which would cause them to fall away from the true tenets of the faith.


  Revelation 19 depicts the marriage supper of the Lamb occurring not before, but after Antichrist's rise to power. The Tribulation will begin well before what the Lord Jesus Christ called the Harvest, what many refer to as the Rapture.



  Revelation 14: 14-20 God's angels  conduct a supernatural harvest of believers from Earth at some point after the Antichrist persecutes believers.


  We should call it the Harvest, as Jesus did because the word, rapture, was inspired by Satan to promote the false timing of Christ's return for His church.


​   The word, rapture, was concocted by a  19th century minister, whose heresy rewrote the very important sequential chain of prophetic events involving the evacuation of believers to Heaven.

  The Harvest will occur after the Antichrist makes war against the Christians, murdering many of them, even as many others who refuse to accept being branded with Satan's Mark  in their right hands or foreheads flee to wilderness areas in the country.


  The Mark will first be enforced on the dense populations of the cities & suburbs & beyond. Many will make the mistake of accepting the Mark of the Beast, not recognizing it for what it is because they were expecting the rapture first.   


  In Matthew 24: 1-31, Jesus warned of the horrifying events of this period. Sadly, millions of Christians have been deceived by the Left Behind Series, which twisted the Book of Revelation out of context in regard to the timing of events.


  Will unprepared Christians, trapped in this web, witness the government impose the 666 Mark in rapid stages of escalation, becoming increasingly oppressive with mass arrests and beheadings? How can such a scenario occur unless it were Satanically inspired? And why beheadings as the method of death? To harvest organs for transplants?


  If Christians see the President of the U.S. introduce a new, mandatory system of identification that requires we be physically marked or tattooed, should we refuse to accept it, even at the cost of being  imprisoned or worse?


  In Matthew 24: 32-34, Jesus said that the generation who was alive during the time of the end would not pass away until all of the prophecies he spoke of would be fulfilled.    


  Many prophecy experts have been taught that the first generation of Jews in the reborn state of Israel of 1948 would be the same generation Jesus alluded to in Matthew 24


   Although the ancient capital of Israel, Jerusalem, was not within Israel's original 1948 borders, the Jews captured it in 1967, proclaiming it as their capital after their victory in the Six Day War.


  But now, in 2014, many people are re-examining the text of Matthew 24. Some are wondering if Jesus had indeed referred to the Jews of 1948 or 1967 or had He actually referred to a generation of Jews born after that time period?


  Only time will tell but one thing should be clear: Jesus was speaking about the particular generation of Jews who would be alive during the prophecies of Matthew 24.


  When we see current world events seeming to fulfill Bible prophecy with respect to a controversial Israeli-Palestinian Land for Peace treaty, we get the feeling the prophecies of Matthew 24 will intersect with the prophecies of  Psalm 81, Ezekiel 38 & 39, Daniel 11 & 12 and those of Revelation. 

  The ​people who are living in Israel during the Gog-Magog War, the Great Tribulation & the Battle of Armageddon will be that same generation Christ said would not pass away until all those prophecies were fulfilled.


  As current world events continue lining up with Bible prophecy, we will find ourselves seemingly trapped in an escalating series of nightmares. 


  The Gog Magog War will ultimately culminate with the horrific Battle of Armageddon. The last battle of this world war will be fought in the wilderness of Israel at Christ's return. 



​  The Bible (Torah) Codes were once the sealed book of Daniel, now unsealed in our generation, as Gabriel foretold.


  The invisible seal on these codes could only be unlocked with modern high speed computation, as well as the transfer of the Bible onto CD-Rom & the creation of software designed to search the Biblical text for encoded words, names, places & dates.


  Additionally, the codes could not have been unlocked unless men of God had aspired to prove that the codes existed to begin with.


  Did the Lord Jesus Christ inspire Jewish men who were experts in computer programming, codebreaking and mathematics, to break the code of Daniel's sealed book, proving hidden codes of prophecy existed in the Bible?


  Would Christ motivate such men, even if they did not believe in him because of their longstanding Jewish traditions that denied Jesus was the Messiah? Think twice before you say no.     


  Hidden codes exist in the Hebrew Old Testament & some in the Greek & Aramaic New Testament, which can be compared with historical events to authenticate their existence.

Avoid Replacement Theology:

 Blasphemous televangelists encourage us to think we're gods because we came from God. The Roman Caesars also said they were gods. It is Satanic teaching.



  The U.S.A. is encoded in the name of Israel's capital, JerUS​Alem.


  The European Union is encoded in JErUsalem.


​​  Russia is encoded in JeRUSAlem.

As if to reinforce this is the same nation,

  The Soviet Union is encoded backwards in Jerusalem: melaSUreJ, right in the middle of where Russia is cryptically abbreviated  in the forward direction. 


​  Former Soviet Bloc States of Eastern Europe are encoded at an interval of every 6 letters in jErusalEm.


  The United Arab Emirates have been  encoded in JerUsAlEm.

  The Asian Union is encoded backwards in Jerusalem: melASUreJ.


  The League of Arab States is encoded

backwards in: Jerusalem: meLASureJ.


  The African Union is encoded backwards in Jerusalem: melAsUreJ.


  When the Bible was first written, these nations, super-states & various confederacies were not  known by the names they are known by now. Yet they appear in abbreviate form as simple Bible Codes within 1 word, Jerusalem.



Even the word, CRUSADES, has encoded within it: the U.S.A., Russia (RUSA), the United Arab Emirates and in a reverse encryption, the European Union and  Asian Union, which suggests the next world war will be the Last Crusade.


Blueprint For Armageddon

The point of all this is to illustrate the fact that the prophecies of the Gog-Magog War in Ezekiel 38 & 39 will involve most, if not all, of the above mentioned powers.


  Revelation foretold the armies of all these superpowers & confederacies will be destroyed by Christ at Armageddon. This is why the name of Jerusalem & the way we spell it now is an ominous sign of the times, prophetically speaking.



​  Israel had to be reborn as a nation in order that the prophecies of the Apocalypse might be fulfilled.

  The Jews had to regain not only Israel but also Jerusalem because disputed sovereignty over that city would be the spark that has ignited battles, crusades, wars, failed peace plans & soon, the Third World War.

  The prophecies of Ezekiel 38 & 39 will collide with those of Revelation, resulting in a universal massacre of life on Earth.  

  How can a One World Government truly exist when World War 3 erupts at the Battle of Armageddon? The Gog-Magog War and the Battle of Armageddon contradict the idea of a New World Order or 1 World government. A world at war is not led by one single government.

  Satan has many Christians blindly looking for false signs to confuse them. In Matthew 13:39, Jesus said that the harvest (of believers) would be reaped by the angels of Heaven ​at the end of the world, undermining the pre-Trib Rapture theory.

  Will Christians survive persecution by the Antichrist if the Rapture occurs between the tribulation & Christ's Second Coming? Many will not. Some will escape.


  Many will be beheaded, rather than accept the Mark of the beast because those who bear the Mark will be afflicted with tormenting skin cancer & be damned sooner than later.

  Whether this mark will be in the form of a sophisticated tattoo, implantable microchips or an elastic form of synthetic skin patch remains to be seen.


  If this Mark becomes an extension of the ObamaCare laws, it will become a federal crime to refuse this Mark.


  The nefarious Silicon Valley companies who devise Satan's Mark of the Beast will offer bribes, kickbacks & shares of stock to corrupt & greedy politicians, who will claim this mark will be in the public's best interests for security purposes.


  They will likely have to vote in Congress & in the Senate to make this sinister Mark a mandatory requirement for all Americans. It is possible this Mark will be limited to only the United States?


  Greedy politicians will reason among themselves that, by requiring every American to be marked, they & their cohorts will become immensely wealthy from their stock investments in the bio-tech firms that produce the Mark.



  'He will cause all, (in America?) both small & great, rich & poor, free & bond, to receive a Mark in their right hand or in their foreheads...


  ...And that no (American?) man might buy or sell, save he that had the Mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name...


  ...Here is wisdom, let him that has understanding count the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man & his number is 666'.  


  However, when John wrote that the antichrist tried to cause all men to take the Mark, he did not necessarily say that this was going to be the case in every nation across Earth.


  The Antichrist will not be a global dictator but a regional one whose control of his citizens will be limited to his nation or political union, perhaps a continent, but not worldwide.


  John's vision may have been limited to just one geographical area where it became law for all the people of that nation to accept the Mark. It is not feasible this would happen globally due to many factors & political differences.  


Will God judge the U.S. with 666?

   Since the United States has been the world leader in industrial, biochemical, computer, electronic & scientific inventions, John's vision of the Mark may have alluded only to America. Do not forget that identity chips were first introduced in the U.S. prior to 9-11.


  If Christians in the United States assume the Mark of the Beast will be enforced in other parts of the world  before it hits America, we will be blindsided by our misconceptions.


  John may have actually meant to infer the Antichrist will cause all Americans to bear the Mark at some point during the Tribulation, if he turns out to be a U.S. president. 


  Certainly, America has fallen under God's judgements for it's political leaders support of abortion, same sex marriages, promoting idolatry, legalized gambling & pot & banning prayer in public school & stripping the Ten Commandments from courthouses.


  In effect, the political leadership of the United States is trying to outlaw God Himself with their socialist agenda.


  Even as John wrote Revelation as Christ revealed it to him, much of what John wrote of, were terrifying visions, which he did not fully understand. 


  Jesus Christ permitted the apostle John to view the last days when war would eliminate 2/3rd of humanity from Earth.  

  John saw billions of people dying horrendous deaths due to  the rapid advancements in knowledge, travel, technology, science & weapons of war. 

  The technology for those things did not exist in John's day. But they exist now, in our time, twenty-one centuries after John foresaw them.


  Jesus said a marked increase in supernatural disasters will accompany political, social & religious unrest as war erupts in Heaven & God's angels battle the forces of Satan.


​​  Christ warned that stars will fall from Heaven as the sun turns black, with the moon turning blood red. It appears the Blood Moons of 2014 and 2015 were signposts of Jesus' prophecy in Matthew 24 since that same trajectory of eclipses won't occur again for over 400 years.


UNSEALING THE 7 SEALS OF REVELATION   Audiences at our Shroud exhibits will also learn how researchers have proven that the Bible is encrypted with patterns of hidden codes that reveal countless details about historical events that occurred thousands of years after the Bible was written. 

  Learn how the secrets of the Bible are revealed in the skipping of letters within it's pages, in equal distant letter sequences, which reveal encoded facts about THE PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE.


  These hidden Bible codes were designed by God so that the generation of believers in the end of days would correlate the unsealing of the Bible codes prophecies, in relation to the signs of the times & the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ.

  The codes verify their own existence when they are discovered in the Bible after historical events occur & key words related to those events are found by Bible Code researchers. We should never attempt to divine the future with any Bible or Torah Code software.


  God did not intend it for that purpose. Any presumed codes that are found in such a way could never be substantiated unless and until an event occurs. The Bible Code was designed by God for one reason, to prove that the prophecies of the Bible are a reality.


  We can search for codes to establish past & present historical events that have already happened and/or are taking place now.


  Only the supreme power of God could possess such futuristic insights & have the fantastic intelligence & ability to encode information in such a way. 

  Prophecy & history are 2 intersecting elements, which meet in strategic trajectories throughout TIME, proving the Word of God is uniquely prophetic & divinely inspired.


​  The prophet Daniel wrote about this miraculous space-time continuum in the 12th chapter of Daniel. 

​   John wrote about this same anomaly in the 5th chapter of Revelation & how Yeshua, the Lamb of God, is the true inspiration behind the breaking of the seven Bible Code seals, which his servants in Israel pursued until they found a way to prove the code existed.


   Professor Eliyahu Rips led a team of codebreakers to prove Rabbi Michael Dov Weissmandl's theory that hidden codes existed in the Torah. Weissmandl had discovered simple codes in the Book of Genesis prior to World War 2.


  In Revelation, chapter 5,  Jesus Christ, called the Root of David, the Lion of the tribe of Judah & the Lamb of God, receives from God the sealed book spoken of in Daniel 12. 


  Only then do we learn that this book is sealed with 7 supernatural seals. John wrote in Revelation 5 that no man on Earth nor in Heaven could loose the seals & open the book, unless God were with them. 


  In Rev. 5, the Lamb of God had the power to break the 7 seals, or codes, hidden in the Bible, using his servants on Earth as His messengers whose minds He can influence to fulfill the scriptures. This has been accomplished throughout the ages with the prophets & disciples of the Bible & the code breakers & cryptologists of the past & present.


  It was the Lord Jesus Christ who showed them the various processes & techniques in uncovering the Bible's mysteries,

whether they realized it or not.


  Prior to the present, Jesus may have inspired men like Sir Issac Newton, Rabbi Weissmandl & Professor Rips to search for the hidden codes that were sealed within the Old & New Testaments.   


​   As Dr. Chuck Missler says, the key to understanding Bible prophecy is that it repeatedly authenticates itself by describing history before it happens.

  At various stages in history, the prophecies of the Bible, events written about the future, occur, as seemingly  random events. The vast majority never realize these same events were born in the words of the prophets of the Bible.


  God is truly a crafty genius in the art of cryptology, standing outside ​the realm of time & space to peer far into the future, knowing in advance the fate of mankind.

  With skillful cunning, God encoded the surface text of the Bible with a secret subtext about futuristic events, a process no human mind could have conceived of, though clues about it's existence were hinted at in Daniel 12. 

  God has proven that He encrypted the Bible by blending words into the overall framework of scripture, interspersing letters to form detailed codes about the future of mankind.

  The Bible was written by God's prophets who were divinely inspired by God to write books on a conscious level.

  But something was at work on their subconscious minds as well, something that incorporated a prophetic, hidden text within the very words they wrote, which they were not fully aware of.

God's prophets wrote prophecies within prophecies under divine inspiration. 

​  These cosmic codes, as Dr. Chuck Missler calls them, could not be fully discovered  until advancements in the computer technology field occurred in the 1980's & beyond, especially in computer software.

  The Bible Code researchers proved that God began encoding the Bible, starting with the Book of Genesis and that He especially encoded many things about the 20th & 21st centuries, which we believe herald the end of days.

  The Bible Codes confirm what the Books of Daniel & Revelation have foretold. Jesus Christ will return to Earth to rescue what is left of mankind  before Satan can annihilate us all. He has always sought man's destruction.

  In Genesis 22:2, beginning with the 3rd letter in the name, Elohim, from left to right, spells in Hebrew the code: The latticework of equa(l) distant letter spacing.



  The Hebrew name for Jesus is Yeshua, which has been encoded in the Bible many times, especially in related scriptures about the Messiah. 

  Learn how codes about the Shroud lay  hidden for centuries in the Bible. These codes have been discovered at varying numeric intervals, in close proximity to one another & intertwined in tight clusters.

 These codes are not an abstract form of numerology, nor random words found by coincidence.

  The secrets of the Bible Code have been unsealed just as the prophet Daniel foretold, proving the Bible Code is a latticework of encrypted words, destined to be understood in our  information age.


​  The codes about the life, death & resurrection of Jesus, or Yeshua, have been found to be encoded in clusters in Psalm 22, Isaiah 53 & Zechariah 12.

  The detailed codes reaffirm the passages about a suffering servant who is condemned to the cross. Yet the torturous death of crucifixion did not exist in the days when those prophecies were first written.   

  The discovery of many Bible Codes hidden within the words of King David & the prophet Isaiah confirm the identity of Jesus of Nazareth as the Promised One, the Messiah.

​​  We liken the Bible Codes to a divine type of WinZip program, which has  associative codes that cross reference each other, reinforcing their existence.

  These sealed codes contain prophetic information, which God compressed & archived by encoding them into the pages of scripture so they would not be easily detected by visual observation.

  These divinely inspired codes are normally hidden from the human eye, except for simpler codes, which are not as detailed as the more complex codes.       

  Because the codes themselves are ciphers,  they have chameleon-like stealth, which could only be accessed through the use of modern computers & software designed to search for possible codes that have verifiable, historical significance.

  God's prophets who wrote the Bible had unknowingly recorded not just stories about mankind, but also spiritual time capsules from the past to the future.   

  Learn why the Bible Codes act as a sequentially programmed chain of  events, which unfold in their respective times, at various intervals throughout history.

  We believe the fulfillment of Bible prophecy is clear proof of God's invisible existence & undeniable evidence of the validity of Scripture.

  God has used the Shroud & the Bible Codes to draw multitudes to salvation by reason of renewed curiosity in Jesus & a desire to know the Creator of life.

  Our testimony details how God inspired a team of modern day Israeli code breakers  to unseal the Bible Codes in the 1980's.


  Their ground breaking research  pioneered a new era of scientific advancement in the development of special software, designed to search the scriptures for hidden codes.   

  Our hope is that Israeli & American  Bible Code researchers will never suppress or misrepresent codes about Yeshua/Jesus being the Messiah. But it has already begun with disinformation in some Torah Code circles.

  Seeking a Messiah who was never crucified, they neglect the prophecies of Psalm 22 & Isaiah 53 & therefore are blind & ignorant as to the reason why Yeshua, or Jesus, was born: to atone for our sins. It was God's salvation plan.

  Jewish Bible Code experts should

cast aside their preconceived notions about Jesus & abandon their prejudice & stubbornness. Their long held traditions, denying Yeshua is Messiah,

will soon be reversed: Zechariah 12:10  ...They will look upon me whom they have pierced & mourn for me as one mourns for an only son.



  Learn how the U.S. military, it's spy agencies & New Age-inspired liberal think tanks have succeeded in opening doorways to the psychic realm with the nefarious ​Stargate program.

  The implications for this previously forbidden research known as Remote Viewing are foreboding. It is a process designed to access the sixth sense of the human mind through the occult.

  Major Ed Dames was trained by the  U.S. Army as a remote viewer as part of the Stargate project decades ago and has since trained countless others.

  One of the first things Remote Viewing students learn is automatic writing.

Automatic writing is a process whereby remote viewers clear their minds of conscious thought in order to permit the instantaneous transfer of images & thoughts from an external source into their minds.

  Remote Viewers are often vulnerable  to subliminal suggestion as they allow unseen forces to rapidly write through them, guiding their handwriting in a psychosomatic way.    

  Whatever instantaneous thoughts or images the remote viewer perceives,  they jot down onto paper for later analysis. Dames tells his students not to be concerned about where their psychic information is coming from.

  Students of Remote Viewing relax &  permit their minds to channel these  forces from the unknown into their subconscious, sharing joint control of their brain with intruding souls.

  Major Ed Dames Reveals The Truth!

  Do a search on YouTube for Father Malachi Martin with Art Bell & Major

Ed Dames​. Listen for yourself as this

50 minute radio chat, aired in 1997 on Coast To Coast, revealed that demons can possess the minds of Remote Viewers.

Characteristics of the Fallen

   Remote Viewers allow themselves to become pawns of apostate angels whose unseen minds roam this world like the wind, invisibly cloaked with transparent camouflage, reflecting & refracting light & shadows to conceal themselves.


In Search of Human Targets

  These angels of darkness continually seek human flesh to express themselves in because their souls are simply minds trapped inside ghostly faces without  bodies, faces without substance, not made of flesh but of unseen spirit.


They Enter Our Minds Through Sin

  They wander among us, adrift in search of human hosts to prey upon. God stripped them of their bodies when they rebelled but not their faces where their personality reside. There are 2 sides to every dimension. Human eyes cannot normally perceive the spiritual realms that exist on Earth but they perceive us.


  They oppose God & man because man was made in the image of God, the same image they forsook, which is why God stripped them of their bodies. These disembodied souls have been at war with mankind since the time of Genesis.  


  In Revelation 11:3-13, God proclaims in the last days He will give power to His two witnesses to give prophesy in His name, to announce coming judgements & to warn people to repent of sins. The two witnesses will warn the world for 42 months as the rains stop watering the Earth & deadly droughts occur.


  Satan will inspire their murders to occur in Jerusalem. As the bodies of the two witnesses lie dead in the streets for 3 days, John wrote in Rev. 11:10 that the people of Earth rejoiced, made merry & gave gifts to one another. 


  Could these hints indicate this will occur around Christmas? If so, look for the 2 witnesses to first appear 3 1/2 years before the time they are killed. They may appear in the month of June, when droughts usually begin. But as for the exact year, we will not know until these things begin to happen.



Due to the severe droughts and also because the Euphrates River now has a dam bordering Iraq & Turkey, the Chinese army will lead an asian invasion of the Middle Eastern Oil fields during World War 3, even as Russian forces fight against the U.S. & the E.U. around Israel. 



"God, give me clear eyes and freedom from haste. God, give me anger against all pretense. God, keep me looking for my own mistakes. God, keep me at it until my results are proven. God, give me strength not to trust two gods..." Ronald Colman in the 1931 film, 'Arrowsmith'. 

The prayer seen above; though recited by the noted British actor, Ronald Colman, over 75 years ago, was essentially the same words J.R. Watts often prayed from 2012 to 2016 when he broke through a seemingly impenetrable barrier in the Bible as God inspired him to crack code after code about the Shroud of Christ.